My Canadian Pharmacy is your local pharmacy,where you’ll find exceptional customer service,expert support and the attention you need to manage your health.

My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the leading online stores specializing in men’s health products and family medicine. Being a trailblazer of the online pharmaceutical market, the company has been working with numerous manufacturers of generic drugs worldwide for more than 15 years. The mission of the company is to satisfy a rapidly growing consumer demand in generic medicines with the optimal price-quality ratio.

The experts of our online pharmacy know how to select the high-quality drugs and deliver them directly to the customer without involving unproductive logistics absorbing money of the customers. A seamless supply chain of the company allows significant saving on inventory, storage, and transportation. The well-organized structure of the online pharmacy gives the possibility to grant numerous discounts and bonuses to regular customers.

Our company has a flexible discount management that meets requirements of the market, including permanent discounts, free coupons, and hot deals.

Customers can enjoy:
Greeting discounts and bonuses
Free pills with every delivery
Promo coupons that delivered directly to your mailbox
Quantity discounts
Accumulative discounts
Special discount for listed products
Personalized discounts
Hot deals
Seasonal discounts
Red letter days

To keep the customers updated, our service has implemented a smart emailing service, unobtrusively notifying you about the latest news and deals that can save you even more.

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“On the top of remarkable low prices, I got additional 10% discount that altogether helped me to save up to 80% compared if I had bought all that in a retail shop. A great deal! Mark, Arizona”

“The prices were really cheap, and we got a free delivery as the amount was more than 300 US dollars. For sure I’ll order at My Canadian Pharmacy once again”.

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