Trust Pharmacy: The Oldest Online Drugstore with Exclusive Services

What comes to your mind when you hear about Canadian online pharmacies? A recently created website with multiple offers of discounted medicaments that have a doubtful origin. Trust Pharmacy (TP) is a totally another online service that operates at this market since 2005. Practically, it’s one of the oldest online US pharmacies working online.

The key advantage the team managed to achieve within 15 years of work is a vast catalog of affordable branded and generic medical products. Special deals and discounts also make this service incredibly popular.

Trust Pharmacy Team

Trust Pharmacy Team

However, our major reason behind the international customer community is the dedicated team of professional healthcare experts and consultants. To provide the 24/7 Customer Support the team works hard but with satisfaction.

Our managers, IT specialists and consultants want to make all customers healthy and pleased with the offered medications. The average experience record of every TP employee is 10 years and we are proud to keep working for our customers during the next few decades.

Famous pharmacy: what makes us popular?

Trust Pharmacy is a professional health service that works online to offer its customers the anonymous medical assistance, free guides to read, medical experts reviews and consultation, 24/7 customer support and high quality pills.

Many pills that you can buy with or without prescription at usual Canadian pharmacies are also offered by our third-party partners. In its turn, TP makes sure its customers get daily discount deals for these pills. Another option for such pills in demand is monthly refills. Just check the appropriate box when making an order and you will get a monthly refill of prescription and OTC medications.

What are the most popular pills for monthly refills:

  • Antibiotics –flu, bacterial infections of eyes, ears, skin and inner body organs, fungus infections, STIs and other nasty viruses can be treated only by means of the various antibiotics. With the help of TP reviews and expert opinions, you can purchase such popular and irreplaceable antibiotics as Amoxicillin, Zithromax, Cipro, Flagyl, Bactrim, Vibramycin, Cephalexin, Tetracycline and Erythromycin;
  • Antidepressants – many people who suffer from depressive disorders often can’t buy the necessary pills in usual drugstores in Canada. If you have a diagnosed form of depression, you can refill your prescription using the convenient TP services. The list of available antidepressants features – Prozac, Wellbutrin SR, Lexapro, Zoloft, Cymbalta, Celexa, Paxil, Elavil and Pristiq;
  • Men’s and Women’s Health – TP is aimed at offering cheap and high-quality meds that can treat or ease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction because it can be rather complicated to buy them in usual drugstores. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, other popular generics and Female Viagra as well – you can read the customer and expert reviews about each pill, the latest medical news and surely use the offers from TP partners to buy these pills at reduced cost.

To make it short, the drugstore is all about experts, free and anonymous consulting, easy online drug refills and overnight delivery for any kinds of medical products described on the website. Hurry up to check our daily deals on the official website.

Why people come back to Trust Pharmacy?

TP is open 24 hours a day, their entire range of detail presented to online buyers. Buyers will appreciate the convenience of virtual pharmacies. The share of medicine orders made ​​by means of the Internet is increasing from year to year.

Orders from TP presume that you can choose not only vitamins or dietary supplements but also medicines, such as, for example, as a generic Dapoxetine – the most effective drug for the treatment of premature ejaculation – or Viagra – an erection booster. Also TP can come to the aid of those who live in small towns, in which a simple range of pharmacy is quite small.

TP accepts the order and deliver medicines by mail in virtually any location of the United States and Canada, surely. By means of the Internet, you can buy any generic including Viagra, Propecia or other popular drugs that are not easy to buy in Canada in regular drugstores.

Many drugs, for example related to Men’s Health, are the most popular choice at TP, because you can make the order confidential and convenient. In such cases, online pharmacies, most of all, take care of the privacy of customers and delivering purchases, so that the contents of the package guess unrealistic.

Undoubtedly, TP can never replace a simple pharmacy, because the whole clusters of drugs require special storage conditions. However, the fact that online pharmacies can definitely make a huge competition in a variety of other medications is not doubtful.

The benefits for a regular user to use Mostpharmacy services:

  1. Convenience. You can order the necessary medicines even when the pharmacy is not working, and if you got sick baby, is not one to leave, the benefit of the more obvious. By the way, often pharmacy, located on the Internet, delivering drugs to the house during the day from the date of the call, in general, that you yourself go, you bring drugs on terms the same way.
  2. Detailed description of drugs – online fact sheets with FAQ that you won’t be able to get in regular online drugstores before buying any pill. In contrast to the usual pharmacies, where drugs just released, the online institution, you can quietly read a detailed description of each product, including contraindications and side effects. Simply put, you buy only what you really need!
  3. Security. Our team collaborates only with reliable delivery services that will make sure about safety, anonymity and integrity of your package.
  4. There is a rich assortment of drugs available for sale on legal terms without prescription. Unlike conventional pharmacy, we offers no prescription pills in a wide range, and you will not face such an unpleasant moment when, after a long line it turns out that the required medication is not available.
  5. Low prices on no prescription drugs. Do not even think about what we are talking about fakes, pharmacy, as well as any kind of business, subject to the laws of economics, that is, the cost of medicines is driven pharmacist salary, as well as the cost of the leased area. In Trust Pharmacy you pay for the drug itself, thereby freeing yourself from unnecessary expenses.

Loyalty support program

Trust Pharmacy is the only online service that offers an unprecedented online program for all customers who have ordered the medical products for the sum of 500$ or more. All customers of this category get the special monthly customer support service. We won’t disclose any details to keep this program as exclusive as possible. But be sure – such service is offered only for our pharmacy customers. TP is an online pharmacy where you can find any necessary drugs available for sale without you even leaving the apartment is one of the greatest inventions brought by the 21 century.

The benefits for loyal customers of Trust pharmacy:

  • high accessibility of drugs to purchase;
  • great updating assortment containing brand pills and their cheaper versions – generics;
  • possibility of a detailed study of medicine descriptions before buying them;
  • quick on-time delivery of purchased preparations.

Monthly coupons for genuine pills

Monthly coupons for genuine pills

There are so many medical products offered for the clients of the drugstore. In order to keep the assortment updated we arrange regular sales and discount deals for loyal customers and newcomers. Everyone can get a coupon for buying cheaper medications from TP website.

Important notice: we sell only authentic pills at affordable prices!

Anybody can get sick, so effective drugs should always be at hand. Now there is an acute question of originality of the drug. A fake can cost a person a life. Therefore, not every online pharmacy can help out at a difficult moment. But we are always offers people only certified pharmacological products that are 100% genuine.

You can buy medicines from our company with a number of advantages:

  • Authenticity of medical products – there is not the slightest chance to buy a fake;
  • Wide range of drugs. If you already have to spend money on the delivery of the transport company, then the plus is that everything can be bought at one pharmacy. There are available drugs of different pharmacological groups. Always updated information on availability. If you ordered a medicine that is available on the website, you will receive it without delay. In our online drug store regularly appear the latest drugs;
  • Easy way to purchase any products from our company. Making a purchase is very simple, through the site interface;
  • High-quality 24/7 service. We always try to provide customers with the highest quality service and 100% meet all customer requirements. In addition, our pharmacy understands that drugs are always urgent. Therefore, all orders are sent as soon as possible;

Worldwide shipping and related services

Frequently, our customers do not have the ability or desire to receive the necessary funds in one of the branches of the our service. We took into account the need to create a service for the delivery of goods all over the world. We are pleased to offer you a convenient shipping service that won’t cost you much.

Perhaps you are in a medical institution or can not leave a sick child at home alone. There are situations when there is simply no time to pick up an order, but it is necessary today. In these cases, targeted delivery from this website is the most convenient way to receive.

How to get a delivery from Trust Pharmacy?

To get order delivery to your home, office, any other institution, you do not need to make efforts – it is enough to specify the delivery method on the website.

Find a medical product you need on our website. A convenient search system by name or symptoms allows you to do this as quickly as possible. Place it in the shopping cart and click on Checkout. Select a Shipping Method from the options provided and click Submit Order. After that, the operator of our call center will contact you to clarify information about the delivery time.

Shipping of medical products is carried out in specially equipped vehicles. We fully adhere to the rules and carefully fulfill the conditions of transportation in accordance with the current legislation of Canada. Responsible attitude to the delivery process ensures the safety of every parcel.

Our pharmacy is one of the best online pharmacies in US and Canada. It may have been noted that the prices of many drugs differ depending on where to buy them. Our website offers the medications with really reasonable prices.

Our team works for people and tries to make high-quality medicines available for people. Actually, the level of development of pharmacology and medicine indicates the level of development of the state as a whole, because there is no more important goal for us than the preservation of human life and health.

Our company has a flexible discount management that meets requirements of the market, including permanent discounts, free coupons, and hot deals.

Customers can enjoy:
Greeting discounts and bonuses
Free pills with every delivery
Promo coupons that delivered directly to your mailbox
Quantity discounts
Accumulative discounts
Special discount for listed products
Personalized discounts
Hot deals
Seasonal discounts
Red letter days

To keep the customers updated, our service has implemented a smart emailing service, unobtrusively notifying you about the latest news and deals that can save you even more.

See what the customers of Trust Pharmacy say about company pricing and service:

“On the top of remarkable low prices, I got additional 10% discount that altogether helped me to save up to 80% compared if I had bought all that in a retail shop. A great deal! Mark, Arizona”

“The prices were really cheap, and we got a free delivery as the amount was more than 300 US dollars. For sure I’ll order at Trust Pharmacy once again”.

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