One of the oldest Canadian online pharmacies, Trust Pharmacy provides access to affordable medications and medical services. To meet the challenges of time, our company has developed from a mere online store to a one-stop platform that provides expert medical advice and facilitates access to prescription and OTC drugs alike. Worldwide.

What do we offer?

  • Strict quality control and drug safety
  • Wide range of medications, from antibiotics to sleeping pills
  • Some of the lowest prices for essential medications
  • Shipping orders worldwide
  • Personal data security
  • Discreet packaging for improved privacy

Our Mission

We are committed to improving access to essential medicines for as many people as possible. Due to state policies and limited competition among pharmaceutical companies, high cost of prescription drugs in some countries became a serious concern, forcing people to refuse or delay treatment. In the recent years, brand-name drug prices are increasing at enormous rates because of exclusivity and monopoly rights. Needless to say, inability to get timely treatment affects life quality and leads to complications for hundred thousands of people. Generic drugs have always been the means to reduce high medication costs, however, access to them may be obstructed by various business strategies. Trust Pharmacy allows to order best generic drugs within several minutes and get them delivered right to your doorstep.

Traditional practices of dealing with health problems are time demanding, and time is what most people lack nowadays, encouraging improvements in healthcare system. We strive to introduce the newest time-saving methods within our platform, so our clients can access online medical consultations with experts in different areas. This will ensure correct drug administration and allow to purchase prescription drugs without a trip to the hospital.

Modern ways for more affordable medical help

Advantages of using online pharmacies are obvious since online shopping is widespread as never before. These drugstores function 24/7 and deliver orders right to your home or working place. The share of e-commerce is steadfastly increasing in every area and pharmaceutical market is no exception. However, recent trends allow not only to purchase drugs online, but also to get medical advice and e-prescriptions legally through online consultations with a licensed health worker. In recent years a number of innovative companies have taken advantage of this legal opportunity and implemented online consultation services, which allow to contact a qualified specialist without leaving home.

Men’s health

Drug treatment of conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation was always associated with additional challenges. Although potent drugs have been available on the market for several decades, obstacles to get these medications have never disappeared. In most countries, the so-called men’s pills are prescription drugs, and being reluctant to discuss ED with a doctor stops many men from finding a simple solution to their problem. Not to mention, brand-name ED and PE drugs are considered overpriced for a reason, and many cannot afford them on a regular basis.

Trust Pharmacy offer a variety of ED and PE solutions

Products under the brand names of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are known as effective means to eliminate the symptoms of ED. Indeed, their active substances – sildenafil, vardenafil and tadalafil – are the only widely approved oral medications for the treatment of ED. Trust Pharmacy suggests several generic versions of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, offering remarkable quality at affordable prices. Dapoxetine is a recognized treatment for premature ejaculation. We offer pure dapoxetine drugs as well as ED pills with added dapoxetine for complex ED and PE treatment.

We respect your privacy

When it comes to health, we often want to protect information about certain health problems from outsiders. For this reason, we use undistinguished packaging that does not reveal the contents of your parcel. Most orders are sent in large envelopes (flat mail) and won’t cause any unwanted speculations.

Best Buy with Trust Pharmacy –

We love to make our buyers happy. Discounts and special offers allow even more saving on essential medication and consulting services. We are proud to offer unbeatable prices for top-quality products and are looking forward to improve our price policy even further.